8kg Heat Pump Dryer | EBD 882H VT


8kg Heat Pump Dryer | EBD 882H VT


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Introducing the Elba 8kg Heat Pump Dryer | EBD 882H VT, a reliable and efficient solution for drying your laundry.

With a generous 8kg capacity, this heat pump dryer is suitable for medium to large households. Featuring advanced heat pump technology, it offers gentle and energy-efficient drying, reducing utility costs while preserving the quality of your clothes. The variety of drying programs cater to different fabric types and drying needs, ensuring optimal results with every load. The sleek design and intuitive controls make operation easy, while the compact size allows for flexible placement in your laundry area.

Upgrade your laundry experience with the Elba EBD 882H VT Heat Pump Dryer, combining performance, convenience, and energy efficiency in one appliance.

8kg Heat Pump Dryer | EBD 882H VT


8kg Heat Pump Dryer | EBD 882H VT



Dry with Precision: Your Ultimate Drying Companion

Key Features
Loading Capacity: 8kg
Electronic programmes indicator
15 drying programs
Cotton: Extra Dry, Cupboard Dry, Iron Dry
Synthetics: Cupboard Dry, Iron Dry
Delicate, Time Drying, Baby Care, Duvet, Sport, Mix, Wool Refresh, Refresh, Express 34', Shirts 20'
Time delay (1 - 23 hrs)
Automatic sensor drying
Drying level selection
Delicate drying option
Auto Anti-Crease Function
Buzzer Mute Function
Reverse Tumbling Action
Water tank warning indicator
Lint filter cleaning warning indicator
Heat exchanger cleaning warning indicator
Large door for easy loading/unloading
Stainless Steel Drum
LED Drum Light
Child Lock
Product dimension: W596 x D563 x H845~855mm
Colour: White
Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V / 50Hz
Certificates and Recognition
Energy Efficiency: A++
NEA Rating: √√√√√
NEA Registration No.: MELS-CAS-CD220014

Product Specification Sheet

Auto Anti-Crease Function

Buzzer Mute Function

Reverse Tumbling Action

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