Our Story


CASA - means "home" in Spanish-Italian.

Since 1976, the homegrown company - Casa (S) Pte Ltd relentlessly forged partnerships with exclusive brand names for home appliances, consumer electronics, and bathroom fixtures from Europe and eventually they become synonymous with quality home appliances.

For the past 40 years, CASA has been committing to deliver the greatest value and worry-free service to our distinguished customers.  We are constantly developing our product ranges with modern, stylish design at the highest performance and quality.  

We believe that Home is an essential and crucial element of human being. Home is no longer a simple shelter for us and it should be bringing more values, in terms of emotional and to own itself a touch of class.

Thus, we are now advocating timeless, minimal, elegant and functional design when developing our product range. It must be high quality, useful, durable, and yet has a beautiful design that is able to stay long in your home.