Sink Mixer | UNICO 5643 WH


Sink Mixer | UNICO 5643 WH


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Rubine tapware has undergone significant evolution since its inception two decades ago.

Presently, it boasts a diverse array of tapware collections catering to various design preferences and budgetary constraints. Among these offerings is the UNICO series, a product of our designers' boundless creativity, inspired by the mythical alicorn of a unicorn. The horn-shaped lever handle epitomizes a natural and distinctive form of contemporary design.

Enhanced with an electroplated surface coating and a 50,000 cycle cartridge, these faucets make a bold statement regarding their quality. UNICO stands as a reliable and visually striking option, ideal for infusing luxury into modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Sink Mixer | UNICO 5643 WH


Sink Mixer | UNICO 5643 WH



Tap into sophistication with every touch

Brass Material

Electroplated Finishing

Hot & Cold Water

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