• Who is CASA and why I should purchase here?

    • CASA’s Online E-Commerce Shop is a one-stop online store that supplies high-quality and elegant design home products with the best services. We provide:


      1. Product Consultation

      2. Sales Inquiry

      3. Product Installation

      4. After-sales Service

      5. Product Warranty

      6. Spare parts replacement & many more!


      Shop with Casa to save you from the hassles of researching products and finding product services on the traditional retail outlets.


  • Is all product come with free delivery?

    • Yes, CASA E-shop is giving free delivery for all products!


  • How should I make payment?

    • 1. Click "Checkout Icon" to make payment ⬇️ 

      2. Check the product you want to make the payment, delete the unnecessary product ⬇️

      3. Click "Checkout" ⬇️


      4. Key-in your billing & Shipping Address ⬇️


      5. Select a delivery date and delivery time (available for major appliances & self-collection only) ⬇️ 

      6. Click "Proceed to next step" ⬇️


      7. Double check your information ⬇️


      8. Enter Promo Code / Use Casa Dollar to offset bill ⬇️


      9. Click "Make Payment" ⬇️


      10. Check the steps below if you want to Checkout as Guest. If you want to checkout via Paypal Account, jump to step 12 ⬇️


      11. Fill up debit/credit card detail (both card acceptable) and payment is completed 👍 👍 ⬇️


      12. To Checkout via Paypal Account, key-in your email address ⬇️


      13. Key-in your Paypal Password ⬇️


      14. Fill up debit/credit card detail (both cards acceptable) and you are good to go!  👍 👍⬇️


      15. After submitted your payment detail, Thank you page will be shown  👍⬇️


  • What kind of payment method you have?

    • ➡️We use Paypal as our payment gateway, Paypal is the faster, safer way to make an online payment. Debit cards and Credit cards are acceptable for making payments.

      Cards available for payment:

  • How can I retrieve my purchase invoice/receipt?

    • 1. Simply login to your account


      2. Go to "My Account"


      3. Select order history


      4. Click the invoice number of your order, you can also print out the invoice.



  • How long will I receive my order?

    • Delivery takes 2 Working Days for Major Appliances / Up to 5 Working Days for Small Appliances.


      📌We will deliver within 2 Working Days for major appliances like Hob, Hood, Oven, Fridge, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Dryer, Free Standing Cooker etc.

      📌A tracking number will be provided for Small Appliances and it will be delivered within 5 Working Days via Courier Service. For instance: Water Heater, Kettle, Juicer, Steam Iron, Ceiling fan, Bathroom hardware/accessories, etc.

      ⚠️We will take up to 5 working days to complete products which need an installation service from us

  • Do you provide installation service for my purchase here?

    • Yes, we provide installation for almost all appliances purchase at https://shop.casa.sg/, Free of charge or with extra charges.


      If you have any concerns or requirements for our installation, kindly contact us. We will try our best to fulfill your request.

      Contact us for Installation guidance:

      ➡️ Whatsapp HERE

      ➡️ Live Chat HERE

  • I need installation for my appliances, how should I do?

    • Select "Yes" on the installation selection, or indicate "I need Installation" in the remark during checkout. We will contact you in 2 working days to confirm the installation date.

      ⚠️We have installation charges for certain products and some are not available for installation yet. Check out the table below for more info.

      To provide you the most reliable yet affordable service,

      CASA approaches different partners & contractors to handle your delivery and installation.

  • How much do you charge for installation for my appliances?

  • How should I pay for the installation charges?

    • Pay to our certified technician during installation, no hidden cost. If necessary alteration needed, it will be quoted on-site.


      ⚠️To avoid overcharging for the installation service, our certified technician will then collect the fees from you after completing the job. Cash or Paynow payment method available.


  • How can I register product warranty?

    • Your product will be automatically registered online when you purchase at our E-shop.


      ⚠️For customers who purchase our product from other sources, please click ➡️E-Warranty 



  • How long is the warranty for my product?

  • What benefits can I get from my permanent membership?

    • We have a list of awesome benefits for all Casa's Member!


      ✔️Free Delivery Storewide

      ✔️Auto Warranty Registration

      ✔️2 Days Major Appliances Delivery

      ✔️Exclusive Benefits For Return Purchase

      We can't describe them all! For other benefits like purchase rebate on using Casa Dollar, Membership promotion, Exclusive Free Gifts, promotion and manymore,

      ➡️Please Find out on CASA Loyalty Program


  • If my product is malfunction, defect, or not working, who should I contact?

    • Please contact our customer service support +65 6268 0077 or Drop us an email at service@casa.com.sg



      🙏Kindly allow us up to 2 working days to reply to your inquiry by email.
      We expect a delay in response during peak hours such as Monday or Friday, and really appreciate your help to drop us an email for a faster reply.


  • How can I review the product?

    • Once you have received the product, kindly log in to your account and go to Order History, Click "Write Review".




      Your Good review is very helpful for us to improve our service and serve you better!


  • How can I receive the latest promotion and news?

    • Subscribe to our E-Newsletter or register as our member, we will inform you the latest promotions and good deals through email.



      Various discounts, deals, coupons, and cashback are updated frequently, do not miss them and stay tuned with us! 


  • How can I apply product promo code?

    • You are able to apply promo code at the checkout page





  • How should I get more information for the product that I interested?

    • Kindly use the live chat to drop us a message under “Product inquiry”, we will try our best to reply to you within 24 hours.


      Alternatively, you can drop us an email: shop@casa.com.sg 



  • How to identify the correct size of appliances in order to make sure it fits my Built-In?

    • 1. Please find the “Cut-out dimensions” under each product page

      2. Make sure accurate measuring has been done to your kitchen


      3. Contact us if you have any uncertainty. 


  • Who Should I contact if I am not sure for the built-in size and choosing suitable model?

    • Contact us for any uncertainty via our chat function, our team will get back to you soon.


      📧 Our Email: shop@casa.com.sg

      ↘️Click our live chat at the bottom right 

  • Can I cancel my order after payment has been completed?

    • You can cancel your order before it is being processed by Casa. No cancellation can be done after the order is under processing.


      We will inform you in advance your product is out of stock and a refund will be issued to you. 


  • How should I track my order?

    • The order status will be updated by Casa via email after the payment has been completed.


      Casa will contact the recipient again to confirm the selected delivery date.



      🚚 For Small Appliances, a tracking number will be given to you as it is delivered by courier service.

      ➡️Trace Here


  • Can I request for a refund if the product is not functioning well?

    • ⚠️There will be no refund for all purchases. However, for major appliances, kindly contact us and we will send our technician for diagnosis.


      For other products, kindly visit the CASA service center to request for repair or exchange (exchange only applicable to certain products).


      🔔for more information, Check out our ➡️Products warranty terms & conditions




  • If I have any question regarding to the product, ordering, payment, warranty and after sales service, who should I contact?

    • For product, ordering, and payment-related issues,


      ↘️Kindly contact us through our live chat


      OR email to shop@casa.com.sg



      For After-Sales Service and Product Warranty, please contact CASA service center: 62680077 or email to service@casa.com.sg



  • Membership structure

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