10 ways to create a nordic look for your kitchen


It’s easy to get carried away with your new kitchen remodeling project, so before you start, it’s a good idea to take a step back and do some research. Besides, you can learn from the mistakes of other ambitious kitchen-design-wannabes who have gone before you.

We’ve done the work for you and collected these top kitchen remodeling tips. So, put down that pencil and get comfortable with a hot cup of coffee. Our list of kitchen design do’s and don’ts will help take you one step closer to your dream kitchen. Also, you can check out our article on things to consider before remodeling your kitchen and our tips on how to remodel your kitchen on a budget to better prepare yourself for the renovation project ahead.

Make it work for you: Don’t forget about the ‘everyday’

The kitchen isn’t just a functional room for cooking anymore, it’s a living space. It would be a mistake to go for the standard ‘triangle’ approach with a sink, oven and washing machine. You may need to consider stations and sections that allow you to do a lot more than just cook.

Gaining more clarity on how you want to use your kitchen now and in the future, will help you avoid any costly kitchen design mistakes. These questions will help you determine your budget and save you from any unforeseen costs. The result will be a durable design that will last a lifetime.

Do conceal appliances with cabinets for a sleek design

Opting for built-in appliances where possible will help you create more ambiance and achieve a sleek design. Covering appliances with kitchen cabinets gives you a one-piece, consistent look across the walls, which adds to the feeling of symmetry and space.

Some built-in appliances also come with stainless steel doors. Kitchen designer Matthew Quinn cautions that too much of the metallic look could detract from all that beautiful design work and those expensive materials you invested in. He explains:

“Stainless steel can be a wonderful accent. However, as with all good design, there should be a rhythm with the placement. Splashes of stainless all over the place make any kitchen look and feel choppy and small.”

Knowing when to stop: Don’t over-design

It may have once been acceptable to plaster your school books with fan stickers and ‘love 4eva’ notes, but it’s important to avoid going overboard with your kitchen design. In a HouseBeautiful article designer Christopher Peacock said:

“It drives me crazy when a kitchen is over-designed. Knowing when to stop is the real challenge.”